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  • Aquisition Collection Société Générale | Valentin van der Meulen
  • Sep. 21, 2023
News of Reuter Bausch Art Gallery Aquisition Collection Société Générale | Valentin van der Meulen

We are pleased to announce that the work ''Mirage 2'' is now part of the Société Générale Collection.

The "Mirage" series to which this work belongs is based on a modus operandi: drops of ink are deposited by Valentin van der Meulen on a charcoal drawing on blotting paper. Through the unpredictable alterations and recontextualisations they impose on the initial motif, they invite chance into the work and propose a new reality, a variation on the imagination of each individual.

According to Grégoire Prangé, "An almost medical drip on chattering paper comes crashing down, and as the colour distorts the drawing in its apparently representative function - here an eye, there an arm, and no doubt an ear - perhaps the work is enriched with a new symbolic charge: rather than diction preferring evocation, it becomes resolutely image.

Mirage 2, 2021. Charcoal, black stone and ink on blotting paper. 160 x 120 cm

See here: https://collection.societegenerale.com/artistes/valentin-van-der-meulen