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  • Jim Peiffer at the LŽtzebuerg City Museum
  • LŽtzebuerg City Museum
  • Oct. 11, 2023
News of Reuter Bausch Art Gallery Jim Peiffer at the LŽtzebuerg City Museum
Reuter Bausch Art Gallery and Jim Peiffer are pleased to announce that the art work “sans titre / 2020.5.002.01” by our featured artist Jim Peiffer is now part of to the LŽtzebuerg City Museum (Luxembourg) collection.

The artwork is being displayed on the 2nd floor, in the permanent exhibition “The Luxembourg Story”, which showcases contemporary art focusing on socio-cultural questions in regards to the urban milieu from the museum's collection.

The art work is being displayed in the permanent exhibition – more precisely in the "Luxembourg as seen by contemporary artists" section – located on the 3rd floor.

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