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  • JULIEN HUBSCH | Laureate 2024 of the Research and creation residency for visual artists in Montreal
  • Dec. 14, 2023
News of Reuter Bausch Art Gallery JULIEN HUBSCH | Laureate 2024 of the Research and creation residency for visual artists in Montreal

Julien Hübsch, laureate 2024 of the Research and creation residency for visual artists in Montreal

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Fonderie Darling in Montreal offers a three-month research and creation residency for Luxembourg visual artists or visual artists living in Luxembourg artists at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, based on a call for applications.

Jury members Justine Blau (artist and laureate 2023), Stéphane Meyers (Rotondes) and Stilbé Schroeder (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'Art Contemporain) assessed the applications received and made their recommendation to the Fonderie Darling. At the end of the procedure, Julien Hübsch was selected by the board of the Fonderie Darling.

During his residency, which runs from September to November 2024, he will be researching the temporary urban interventions in specific parts of Montreal, that are appearing over the summer to revalue certain public spaces and then serve different purposes in winter. At the heart of this approach lies a particular interest in the historical imprints left by these interventions.

Statement of the jury

The selection committee selected artist Julien Hübsch for the quality of his artistic practice, rooted in a raw aesthetic and the inventive use of everyday materials. Through interventions in the city and in the exhibition space, always in connection with the architecture, the artist explores issues that are central to the Fonderie Darling's curatorial vision, its urban location and its status as a former industrial wasteland. The members of the committee would also like to highlight the relevance and coherence of the research project proposed for the residency, entitled Sometimes in the fall.

About Julien Hübsch

Julien Hübsch (*1995 in Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU) is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently based between Mainz and Luxembourg. After studying at Bauhaus University Weimar, Kunsthochschule Mainz and HGB Leipzig, he graduated from Shannon Bools's “expanded painting” class in Mainz in 2023. In his work he deals with temporary interventions in the urban/public space such as construction sites and vandalism, creating works that oscillate between painting, object, installation and environment. His aim is to extract and quote directly from his field of research, thus creating contemporary witnesses of an abstract urban space.

Julien Hübsch is being represented by Reuter Bausch Art Gallery since 2021 and has been part of exhibitions in Frankfurt, Berlin, Mainz, New York and Luxembourg among others. He is also the recipient of this year's “Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe”.

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