Working in her studio, Anne-Sophie Loos processes her personal experiences and therefore her emotions. Working on her detailed images allows her to experience moments of perfect concentration and silence that soothe her thoughts.

The inspiration for your work comes from memories of specific moments in their lives. Numerous visits to museums as a child and a fascination with the draperies in huge Renaissance paintings led to her own works in which Anne-Sophie attempts to capture light and shadow in silk oil canvases.

The 'Moments' series comes from a memory of Impressionist works depicting a rigid object at different times of the day. Anne-Sophie's aim is not so much to research and analyse the exact works of well-known artists, but to use her memory of what she has seen to create her own works and motifs.

"Moments" depicts a silk canvas that is exposed differently at different times of the day, as if by sunlight. The result are snapshots that produce a certain relationship of light and shadow that cannot be reproduced in the same way in this form. In this way, something immobile seems to change as a result of external influences, giving rise to something new, but without really changing. Just as situations in our daily lives are experienced and evaluated differently by different states of mind, without changing in their actual form.

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Exhibition Group Show  at Reuter Bausch Art Gallery
  • Group Show
  • Jun. 30 - Jul. 22, 2023
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