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In her work, Meri Toivanen investigates the limits of figuration through the process of painting with the use of semi-monochrome colors and elements of fading and diffusion.

The use of semi-monochrome colors and elements of fading, disintegration and diffusion. Hues from green to blue are for Meri synonymous with neutrality and purity. She became interested in games, situations where power plays take place as a group of individuals become a unit around a table or game board.  Game board. The symbolism of power is explored in both literal and abstract senses, filtered through events and encounters related to games in their performative dimension, such as chess, backgammon, and pool games.

As a referential inventory, Meri Toivanen is also inspired by the history of Finnish cinema. The history of Finnish cinema, playing with the disconnection of these images as fragments of popular culture, in order to bring out new perspectives.

Born in 1996 in Kajaani, Finland, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

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  • May. 05 - Jun. 04, 2022
  • Love is a burning thing
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