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The young artist Julien Hübsch (*1995) is mainly inspired by urban spaces, such as building sites or abandoned places where one can still see traces left by Man. In order to create these astonishing installations, Julien Hübsch recovers construction material from these different places and thus creates a plastic universe in perpetual construction, always adapted to the space where the sculpture is installed. The creation in situ of this one is as important as the result. Through this "performance of creation" the work lives. The final work thus becomes a witness and representative of the artistic process.

"In my artistic work, I realize interventions in the urban space. I am interested in vandalism and similar traces; how they are perceived, where they appear, which traces remain and which are erased. My work can therefore be attributed to post-vandalism.

Construction sites are another source of inspiration; they are also an unavoidable part of the urban space and are characterized by their unintentional abstract compositions, which, like graffiti, are usually created by people acting without artistic intentions.

This mental framework generates various series of works that oscillate between sculpture, painting and environment. The painter's eye for composition and color, as well as the specific choice of material, play a central role here. In combination with found objects, assemblages are created that function as pictorial interventions and at the same time as contemporary witnesses of an abstract, urban space." Julien Hübsch

Julien Hübsch was born in Luxembourg in 1995 and currently studies at the Kunsthochschule Mainz in Germany. Since 2015, Julien Hübsch regularly exhibits in Luxembourg as well as in Germany, such as at the Galerie Schlassgoart in Esch/Alzette at the Casino Forum d'art contemporain in Luxembourg or at POKY - institute for contemporary art in Mainz. His works are part of various public collections: Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, the 2 Museums of the City of Luxembourg, the collections of the City of Esch-sur-Alzette.

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  • Dec. 02, 2021 - Jan. 05, 2022
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