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Born in 1989 in Strasbourg, France, Marie Capesius currently lives and works in Luxembourg. In a first approach the artist structures and maps her research by looking at history, archives and concrete information about a specific place or person. This allows her to develop a rational basis on which to add a subjective interpretation. She draws inspiration from given histories, from what is supposedly left over from another era, in order to transpose history into our present time and to raise questions about the way we live, think and act in relation to a given environment.

In a second phase, the artist uses his intuition to a large extent to navigate and access the information that his story draws. Encounters and exchanges with people, as well as reflection on the emergence of emotions, enrich the narrative and are used to access knowledge that reflects the notion of timelessness. In search of signs, listening to synchronicity and symbols that allow him to transcribe a feeling, an atmosphere in an image. Against photographs that are "given" to him on the way and that come to touch the subconscious, that beyond̀ the sense of vision, come to awaken subjective interpretations specific to each individual. A photograph like a map, which invites to a journey deep inside our interior. 

Marie Capesius uses the medium of photography, writing, music, as well as the immersive and performative installation of her large format images, as well as the projection of images and stories told in the form of short films, assembling photography, field-recording and performative readings of her texts.

In her artistic approach, Marie Capesius creates both intuitive and constructed images, for example with the use of large format cameras, which have taught her to re-evaluate the notion of time and the importance of the photographer's duty to work with the model in dismantling the masks they may wear, in order to arrive at a single image that reflects the essence of a character or a feeling. Nineteenth century photographers, such as Julia Margaret Cameron and Wilhelm Von Gloeden, are inspirational for their reflections on the purity of man and nature, for their stories and references to mythology, timeless symbols of our subconscious. The practice of developing and revealing silver photographic material holds an essential place in her approach. She places great value on this stage of her work, this time out of time in her darkroom during the revelation of a photograph.

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