• Soraya Dagman, Mia Kinsch
  • Jun. 07 - Jul. 06, 2024
  • Couleurs en échos
Exhibition Couleurs en échos with Soraya Dagman, Mia Kinsch  at Reuter Bausch Art Gallery

Born in 1993 in Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, France, Soraya Dagman lives and works in Côtes d'Armor, France.

Using oil paint, Soraya works with light, shadows and textures, depicting drapery in scenes that oscillate between surrealism and ultra-figuration. The importance she places on drawing, and in particular on observing her models, lends her compositions a deep attachment to a certain reality. Indeed, the preparation of her canvas is an essential stage, between the first sketches, the drawing that enables her to anticipate the placement of light and shadow, and sometimes the composition of real scenes that she photographs to use as models.

But beyond this technical aspect, the dreamlike nature of the colors she uses, particularly violet, is her way of capturing the poetic soul of everyday banalities, and making them perceptible through painting. The same is true of the sometimes unusual associations of the objects she paints, or the lassive attitudes of her models, which always take us back to a world imbued with mysteriousness.

By combining a realistic technique with surrealist elements, Soraya has fun bringing out the mystical in the real, or the senseless in the ordinary. The formats presented at Galerie Le Rayon Vert illustrate some fragments of this approach.

Mia Kinsch, born in 1995, lives and works in Luxembourg.

Mia Kinsch shows the world she carries within her. She creates colorful, naive and expressive works of art inspired by nature and the body. Her artistic practice explores the place of women in our society, their rights and the inequalities between the sexes. It also allows her to digest her experience and express it in a meaningful way. The naked body and its relationship to my own body play a major role in her work. Through art, she seeks a liberating practice where she dictates her choices. Mia is passionate about the body and what it represents, how we are perceived, in her case as a woman. It's an exploration of the boundaries that surround the body today.

Mia Kinsch is an artist from Luxembourg. She studied and lived in Belgium and returned to Luxembourg this year. She has a degree in graphic design and is a freelance artist focusing on painting. She has collaborated with Fairtrade, JIF Luxembourg, Lëtzebuerger Land, OUNI, ... Mia recently illustrated the new edition of "Reenert" and has participated in exhibitions in Brussels and Luxembourg over the past two years. In addition to her own art, she runs workshops and has worked as a part-time gallery assistant.