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Born 1982 in Luxembourg. Lives in Hamburg.

Chantal Maquet is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on drawing and painting.

The starting point of her artistic work are reflections on female role clichés and their breaking through. She examines individual and collective behavioural patterns that shape social dynamics. In her figurative works, the colours are detached from real references. Unexpected colour combinations underline moods and change the atmosphere of the depicted scenes. The distrust of first impressions is reinforced by the poetic frame set by the titles of the works.
In her exhibitions, Chantal Maquet combines painting with video works and interactive sound installations.

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Exhibition Duo Show at Reuter Bausch Art Gallery
  • Duo Show
  • Jan. 13 - Feb. 11, 2023
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PROJET ARTISTIQUE | Recherche de modeles Cube 521 Jun. 04, 2023
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